Hi everyone!

It’s a while … I know. But recently I’ve been more a Facebook writer. Commenting articles, writing posts myself on Facebook, sharing pictures …

Let’s start this way about this subject:

I love Jews.

Maybe you’re wondering if there is a “but”. Actually there is an “and”.

And I love Muslims.

And there is another “and”.

And I am a Christian. And you know that there are also Christian Palestinians. Or Palestinians of different faiths.

So please, try to understand my point of view. And not just because also in my personal life I’ve dated a Jew (I was madly in love with, but sadly we split), and also a couple of Muslim guys: I’ve lived together with one Algerian Muslim guy in Paris (almost married, marriage cancelled before getting married), and my last boyfriend here in Florence Muslim from Pakistan and I took him with my mum to our beautiful Jewish restaurant here in Florence once …

And I’ve been to our Sinagogue several times, even more times than the ones I’ve been in our Mosque. And my city has done Religions festivals with Imams and Rabbis talking together … and events all together … and the president of the Jewish community coming to the Eid celebration of the end of Ramadan, and also coming speaking inside the Mosque … and the Imam coming to the Sinagogue … I mean here we are one city, with no walls, no discriminations, no hate. But this Palestinian cause is an issue everywhere for everyone.

I guess you couldn’t care less about my personal life, or the specific reality of my hometown, and my heart personal feelings, and people I’ve loved, people I know, people I care about …

But this was the beginning of this post, to explain you better my position.

What’s happened in Gaza is a war crime.

Let’s enter in the subject this way. Not my words, but Amnesty International’s words, who define the killings of 278 people and 70 children “war crimes”. Words have a meaning. Here it is clear: you cannot call it “defense” killing that many innocent people (and bombing with professional F-35 an average of 5 bombs per minute in a night, targetting intentionally civilians), destroying more than 450 buildings (totally or partially badly damaged). Destroying 6 hospitals! Yes 6! And also 9 primary care health centres. Destroying the only Covid centre in Gaza and killing also the famous doctor Ayman Abu al-Ouf together with 12 members of his family! Destroying the MSF building. More than 1900 people injured and they do need help! No water (and polluted! Check the cancer rate in Gaza)! Electricity was already 6 hours per day only. Is this humanity? 75.000 people homeless now!

And let’s be clear. Israel is not a democracy! Again not my words, but Israeli law: the law of 2018 that declares the state of Israel truly belonging only to the Jews. So discriminating also Christians and people of different faiths.

What’s happening in Gaza and not only there, is a real apartheid. Again words mean something very specific. When people do not have same rights, and same freedom that is apartheid. Gaza is like a jail. People cannot move! And water cut, electricity just 6 hours per day. Everything entering and going out must be authorised. Even vaccines were short. Even medicines and doctors and anything is missing! And what about being jailed without even a trial in court?! Tortures! Rapes in jail! I am talking about Palestinian activists. And killing even children with no weapons in their hands. Stealing the lands they have property documents of! Having houses demolished! Olive trees burnt! And in the whole Israel now being fired for having taken part to a strike for Palestine! Is this democracy??? Censorship on social media is it democracy? And all the Jews that these days have stood next to their Palestinian brothers, now they face a lots of troubles. Why?

It is not a matter of religion (I’ve told you there are many Palestinians who are Christian or not Muslim, even Jewish Palestinians!). It is a matter of human rights.

And what would you do if the military came to your house sending you out of it. This is what is happening! There are international laws Israel is violating with these occupations that are illegal! Study what was established in Oslo! What is the green line! Israel doesn’t care! But those occupations are illegal by international law!!!!

Yesterday in Silwan 800 families won’t have anymore their homes. And the beginning of this “conflict” were not the rockets from Gaza (unable to be specifically directed onto a target, and most of them blocked by the Israeli shields), but the occupations in Sheik Jarrah, illegal occupations and during the Ramadan! And also the violation of the most holy place for Muslims! The Mosque of Jerusalem! Entering with the military boots on the carpets, shooting and injuing hundreds of people in a place of worship! Is this respect??? In Jerusalem people were peacefully demostrating against the occupations! People sent out of their homes during Ramadan! Where were they supposed to go? And illegaly sent out of their homes! Against international law!

Bernie Sanders is right! And he is Jewish!

What the world should do now, a part from condemning Israel for war crimes, is to recognize immediately the State of Palestine, and to stop this apartheid (Hafrada) that is not human!!!!

Civilians are innocent! Don’t mix Hamas with Palestinians!

They do deserve a life, a future, their land! Not daily stolen!

As for South Africa and Mandela struggle against apartheid, now the world in the same way must step in, all in support of Palestinians’ right of existence, and their human rights.

Palestine needs to be a free state with free people living freely next to Israel. Or there should be one state, but not a religious state, and not under Netanyahu. So I guess it’s easier to create a real true Palestinian State, next to Israel, with all its rights and people with their freedom, finally. No walls, no deaths, no killings, no fear. There is room for both countries: Israel and Palestine. And Israel should stop occupying lands that do belong to Palestinians!

Gaza should be open! And free and part of a bigger Palestine state with no more restrictions! No more discriminations!

Israel will not be cancelled! This is another fake accusation! Palestinians want just their own rights and not being kicked out of their homes! Human rights! Now daily violed! Respect! And you know there were Jews going around hunting the “arabs” and shooting with guns! Attacking Palestinians just for being Palestinians! Is this humanity?

In the holy Quran you could read Sura 5:32 says: whoever kills a person is like having killed the whole humanity. So Islam condemns all violence and killings. Palestinians want to live not in fear but in peace! It’s simple. Of course anyone who feels threatened reacts, who is kicked out of their homes illegaly reacts. But the right of self defence is for who is oppressed, not for the oppressor, who is the illegal occupier! International laws says it clearly! Enough of fake news!

I pray everyone to stop the hate circle. Everyone has been hurt, even just in their dignity. And some people have lost their lives even on the Israeli Jewish side (even if numbers are not even comparable because we are talking about 278 Palestinians and 70 Palestinian children killed plus all Gaza destroyed!). RIP to every one. Because we are all brothers on this planet. No one should lose their life. No one. And no one wants to destroy Israel or to kill all Jews, like no one should want to kill all Palestinians (extremists are there on both sides, sadly).

So are we able to build a 2 states solution? Or Netanyahu is too greedy not to stop occupying more and more land, and doing and ethnic cleansing forcing more and more families out of their own homes? Yesterday 800 families! Is this humanity???? And against international laws!!!!

God Almighty, Our just One Creator is the same for all of us. Are we able to see the others not as enemies but as brothers?

Some protests of Jews and Palestinians together have shown it.

The world, and America in particular, needs to put pressure on Israel to make now (if not now when?) a big change for the life of all these people who deserve the right to live in peace! In their land and not with a checkpoint every metre and with no rights, nor freedom, no water, no electricity … STOP THE APARTHEID!


And Israel needs to be condemned also for war crimes. What has been done is not “defense”, is genocide. Enough!