Buy Sardinian milk and cheese and dairy products

Hi everyone,

today an article that is about an Italian Region very dear to me, Sardinia island. Beautiful land of traditions and seaside and landscapes …

What is happening is awful.

There is a tradition of farmers and goats and sheeps on the island, and actually the milk of Sardinian sheeps is also used to make the so famous Pecorino Romano cheese (60% of it is made with Sardinian milk).

What is happening is that the milk is being paid 60 cents of euro! Not enough to cover the costs of keeping (breeding) the sheeps, getting the milk … it is not an industry! It is a traditional hand-made job and care of generations. And in the last ten years there was a loss of 1 million sheeps. And 40% of the sheeps in Italy are grown in Sardinia.

They have started to pour milk in the streets to protest. Protests going on for days, and still the situation is not solved: they are asking the price of 0,77 euro per litre. (it was 0,85 at the beginning of 2018, now 0,66 is not enough for them to survive!).

12.000 of breedings are at risk of closure!

The government for now is just speaking as usual without anything done for real.

I am so ashamed by the present government that does not represent me at all. We are a shame in all Europe now. And our economy is getting worse and worse because of these people who do not know how to run a country and are just able to create enimies everywhere.

So what I am asking to all of you is to buy Sardinian food, order it even online or directly from the farmers, show Sardinian people that you care about them, and the traditions they are carrying on are one of the beauties of our country we must defend!

So please buy something Sardinian from the Sardinian dairy (sheep) production.

They need our support.

Thanks everyone. And even if you just raise the issue with your friends. 2019 we cannot pay 0,66 euro per litre a milk that is not a chemical industrial product but the resultĀ of hours and days and weeks of hard job and a daily care of the animals. No machines. A local, small dimensions tradition that makes the beauty and the uniqueness of that amazing land that is Sardinia island.

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Thanks to you all