America GREAT again!

Hi everyone!

This post is just following the previous one, but finally now Biden has been elected 46th president of the United States of America. And Harris vicepresident, first woman!

I can tell you, that even from here, Florence, Italy, it is really great news.

Watching the riots just a few days before, violating the constitution and democracy that has legally voted for a new president. All crazy QAnon theories and supporters, going against also science, common sense, respect and decency, and democracy especially.

I am sure you’ve all watched the ceremony in full and the speeches … but here below if you would like to watch it again, also the evening celebrations with singers from Bruce Springsteen to John Legend.

But definitely I am sure you haven’t missed Lady Gaga and J.lo performances. Stunning.

And the two words in Spanish from Jennifer Lopez, just to stress how much is important that the United States of America are One Nation for all.

Once again: we all belong to just one human race! Stop divisions! Stop the hate!

And Joe Biden reminding that he is the President of everyone in US.

Here Lady Gaga performance:

I am not going to post the speeches of Biden and Harris, I’m sure you’ve listened to them. And Biden has already started on the right way: Paris Climate agreement back in, and also the WHO, the World Health Organisation … and wearing masks compulsory to stop this coronavirus, killing worldwide so many … and finally no more LGBT discriminations …

The way is a long way, to make a country with more true justice, in the truth, against fake news and lies. No more discriminations. No more hate. And I do hope also the word “race” will be erased, because races do not exist. Science proved it. DNA proved it. There is just and only one human race on this planet.

I close this post with the poem from Amanda Gorman that is a commitment for everyone to be. A better Great America again.

Welcome America! A new day has come!