Hi everyone …

Sorry for my silence.

Days are flying. And I am still unemployed, struggling to get known with my novel … It is all a long way, an up hill climb.

A few days ago, I was lucky to had the chance to see live a very important person, Vandana Shiva.


She is Idian, she is a physicist, an activist for all what concerns environment in India. She did big battles against giants like Monsanto who are trying to sell their seeds in Indian fields, and spread their seeds instead of local ones, bringing milions of farmers to committ suicide because market is completely changed then, prices of seeds so high, crops paid ridicolously low, and people are not able to survive. And then you drink happily your coke and eat those cheap chips, not knowing that the price of 10 rupies was what had been paid for many chilos of potatoes. Unacceptable.

And the water! There was, she told us, a village a bit hidden, where women, 100 women went on strike because the giant Coca Cola producer was simply stealing their water to make the so loved sparkling drink, leaving the people of the village completely with no water!

Mentality has to change in terms of respect of people and environement.

And the culture of super cheap is just ruining everyone. Things have a cost. Where are they made? How? At which price?

Every time we go shopping at the supermarket, she asked, do we care what we buy? How it is produced? Where it comes from?

We all should go in the direction of a more aware shopping. Quality and especially respect for human work and environment.

She is the voice of millions of people, against big giants who just see profits, who do not care of how to get more money, they just want more money, more production at lower cost, no matter the quality, no matter the respect for Nature, no matter human beings.

And also she was explaining that most cancers of course come from eating rubbish and “plastic” food and drinks.

We have to go back to an harmony with mother Nature, otherwise, in a cathastrophic but realistic forecast, the future of the planet is our extintion.

And I add, we can start from ourselves, at home, also recycling and separating plastic and glass from paper, organic residues … We have different containers where we can recycle. If we all could really do it, every day.

I think about the seas which are covered in floating plastics. Fishes eat plastic. And then of course we will eat fish and we will eat plastic as well!

You need to be careful also about some products like body scrubs: it is very important to check that they are not made with little plastic particles.

So I hope with this article to have a bit inspired you. We all need to go in the direction of care for our little planet.

Recycling and an aware shopping are good starting points.

And despite someone saying that there is no real “climate change”, we all must be conscious that we actually are responsible for the future of our planet.

So let’s all start from little gestures, but let us be more aware of our mother Nature and its beauties that we do not have to polute and destroy, because we are here, and we all belong to our mother earth.

Take care you all

All the best

Dress your body … with henna tattoo!


Hi there …

Ok, sorry for my silence … yes I feel the need to apologize … it was quite a while.

But in this silence time I’ve also had the chance, like last year, to work for 10 days in an amazing exhibition fair in Florence. It takes place every year, once a year for 10 days till the 1st of May (it started on the 22nd) it is called:

MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DELL’ARTIGIANATO Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato Firenze

An exhibition where you can find really whatever you want, from national Italian handicraft to clothes, to international stands from Morocco to India, Pakistan, Iran, Lithuania, France, Spain, Mexico, Tunisia … all countries really! I cannot mention all of them, and do not get me wrong if I do not put a complete list here but there are so many countries! Really a worldwide reality.

From jewels to clothes, forniture, food …

An amazing experience, I advice you to do it once, because it is a little bit like travelling to each country just moving from one stand to another one.

And also in terms of food we go from Iranian dates to the Morocco area where there was a restaurant (I have tried one evening lamb cous cous …) and a full stand of typical sweets, I have to confess my lunch break a couple of times was just some of those and an amazing Moroccan mint tea to come with.

And from Sardinia typical goat cheese to spicy sauces from Calabria Region, oranges from Sicily, French baguette, amazing Campania buffalo mozzarella cheese … and also famous restaurants like Quinoa that I really love, and I enjoyed once at lunch with my mum. Amazing vegetarian food. They have a restaurant in central Florence I have also rated on Trip Advisor because really worthy.


I have to stop writing about food. I actually have a food blog with my recipes.

Food 4 wine

Well concerning this post, and my website, I would like to tell you today that while working there I decided to do something very very special: henna tattoo.

Yes you understood it well: HENNA TATTOO.

I have no tattoos, nothing, just earrings one per ear.

So it was quite a shock, but an amazing surprise to rediscover the beauty of my hands, seeing them differently. This way!


So I would like to know what do you think about it?

Have you ever done one, would you ever do it? Any real tattoo?

I was working in an Italian clothing stand in the fair, and I had to ask the permission for it, for doing it and then working, but I did not regret it at all! On the contrary it was superb! And my customers loved it too! Sales went on very well even if I was selling Italian clothes, with those hands! So no prejudices!

Then of course it depends what job you are doing, which is your outfit, which accessories you wear … But if you do not have any specific working restrictions, why not?

You could also ask for one in a part of your body less visible instead of front hands …

And it lasts only ten days, so really worthy, even just to try it before doing a real tattoo, just to see how you feel like, with your skin looking different …

I really advice you to do it, what do you have to lose?

It would have been nice also to have one on the back … Now my henna tattoo is gone, and I am missing it. It was really beautiful!

I do think it is a way to rediscover your body beauty. It is a form of art. It is also a real artistic talent.

There was a catalogue to chose from, but in my case I didn’t chose anything, no design was followed, just a new drawing created at the very moment, not copied. Amazing!

I have to say Kushal Pal (Mani) really impressed me, you can find him on Facebook  Kushal Pal (Mani) if you are curious and have info about his work, a real profession and passion I should say because he has a real talent.

And art is a form of beauty.

I really would advise everyone to try it, to really find back your own beauty.

Something that suits you, so ask for advice. We are all different, depending also on our outfit, what we usually wear, our very personal shape and lines.

And don’t forget about your beauty!

Rediscover not just your external beauty but also your inner beauty which is why you are worthy!

Your value! Never forget who you are.

And shine always from inside yourself!

Then you will be able to wear anything or nothing or just a henna tattoo …

You are amazing! Remember that all of you guys!

We are called to shine in this world.

Be ourselves and live our life, beautiful because unique and just ours!

Take care all of you!

Thanks for reading me.

See you next