How smart are you? What is elegance?

Being smart … elegant … posh …


What does it really mean? Is it a good thing?

Do we have to wear golden clothes, or shining diamonds to be elegant?

Or it is about a different kind of sparkle and light?

Definitely there are so many examples of people, still alive or not, that are an emblem of elegance even if they are not wearing any silver nor gold, nor shining dresses nor accessories.

Just to quote one that I did love so much, and I still do: Audrey Hepburn. She was elegant even wearing any casual dress. It was a matter of style: her presence, not just merely the posture nor the manners.

So then?

What is your concept of elegance? Is it just in fashion or a personal definition despite of clothes?


Little princesses grow?

Starting from when we are little we can be dressed like a noble princess, but one thing is the dress, the other is the person.

In this world who only looks at the apparence it is easy to have prejudices, but if we look well to each other we will realize how elegant people are even in daily life clothes, without ceremony dresses and so on.

This does not mean that is not nice to dress up, but it is not a necessary condition to be really elegant.

I would like to give you another example of elegance: Kate Middleton. You may like her or not but for me she is a real example of elegance. Which has a sober side, in the sense that to be elegant we do not need to be too much. Not too much make-up, nor too many jewels, nor too much of anything.

In latin we say “in media stat virtus”. It is so true, it can be translated “in the middle virtue stays”.

Balance. Always, in anything in life.

Then of course it depends also on the event we are attending, the choice of the right outfit.

For my first novel presentation I chose a Ralph Laurent dress which for me is really beautiful because it has some very special details but it is not excessive. Not too short, nor too flashy …

ultime 509

With a black jacket it was for me just perfect, and I was at ease with it.

Feltrinelli 4dress cut








And I would like to remember you that with a dress that already has a motive, tights should be simple. On the contrary if the dress is simple then you could dare with some tights which have a motive, or a design … Again balance. And elegance is really the concept of “less is better than more”.

In Italy we say not to look like a “Christmas tree”! To say that too much is too much. Too many points of attraction for the sight.

And what about just a simple classical black dress?

ultime 967

This picture is from my book, a few years ago. I would go now for a less red lipstick, thinner heels, maybe black tights, and what about a nice hair chignon (hair bun) or just very straight hair?

To look more elegant sometimes is enough even just an accessory.

What about a nice necklace or a foulard?


Pearls maybe could a bit “old fashion” for someone, but even just a simple jewel, not necessarily a real one: on the market with very little money everyone could buy jewels that just look like real ones but are not. Or even something original with some semi-precious stones like amethyst, or even glass …

And what about a casual-elegant outfit? How do you like it?


You see even an hoodie can become very smart … This one is a kid’s wear.

But even adults …

Sometimes in a garment a detail can really make the difference.

Like even a plain black cardigan can become something completely different.


This one is maybe a bit too much. Sometimes even just a little decoration can change everything in an outfit.

Most important thing you have to follow your curves.

Because elegant means also not showing all the lines of the body but marking the most important ones only.

So for instance a nice straight falling pair of trousers will do better than a skinny one if you are not that slim in your legs.

Body lines have to be defined by clothes, not to look more than what they are.

Also definitely showing too much is not elegant. I am talking about the décolleté in particular or too short skirts. But there are some outfits where there could be an exception for this general advice. I have in mind even some garments seen on the “red carpet”. It all depends who is wearing what, and how, and with what kind of surrounding rest of the outfit (shoes, tights, jackets …).

So rules for elegance: less in general and more simplicity, following the lines, attention to details and accessories (and not too many of them also) …

And regarding accessories the bag is really an essential part of our outfit.

It has to be coordinated. And if you are not sure remember that a small black bag is always a safe bet. Then of course the design, the material …

And do we want to talk about shoes?

If you have a black dress, or a dark color dress, shoes should be dark, or at least not lighter in color than the dress itself.

Harmony in colors, harmony in shapes.


Elegance is all a matter of balance.

Let me know if there is any specific subject you would like to talk about regarding this.

It has been a pleasure to write this article.

Hope you got inspiration for your elegance, trying to enhance and not depress your figure in clothes that could not be suitable for your curves.

Be yourself! Always.

And a true smile is always a good starting point to light up any outfit.

Thanks for reading

Take care

See you next