Dress your skin

Hi everyone!

As I wrote you in the last post, here in Italy the political elections campaign is quite tough. We have elections on the 4th of March. ( I am member of the PD party).

The risk is also from the far right, which is in a huge coalition group, defending the “white race”. Such an absurdity when we all should remind ourselves that only one is the exisiting race: the human race!

So I would like you to shine, whatever is your skin color or shade of color!

Because this website is about fashion, so do your own fashion! Be yourself! You are amazing! All colors are beautiful God’s creation. And it is not an addition of pigmentation in the skin that should make us be looked in a bad way.

To be honest with you some days I wish I were born in a dark skin. I am really suffering all these discrimiations and hate spread in these days against immigrants who have a dark skin color. (still people praising a crazy nazi who shot six innocents a couple of weeks ago) just for the color of their skin. Now he is in jail but still people are not all condemning him but justifiying saying it is because there are too many immigrants … crazy speeches)

I have posted on Facebook a picture of myself when I was not even 18, I am sharing with you here as well.

no al razzismo

I was in a language studying trip. Education is the basis to understand world differencies but also similarites that make us anyway all brothers and sisters. There are more things that unite us than separate us. Humanity is mankind. Why discrimination? We are all human beings with same dignity and value.

Did Martin Luther King die for nothing?

A couple of days ago we had the nephew of Nelson Mandela in my home town, Florence. We built a cell-like space. To remind us where Mandela lived for 18 years. In a small cell because of his color of the skin and his battle for human rights.


We have been the only city in Italy to give Nelson Mandela honour citizenship and also we gave his name to one of our most important buildings where we make concerts and events.

I would like you worldwide to spread this message that is Mandela’s and Martin Luther King’s: stop the hate, but not with more hate, but with love and education.

Only light can send away darkness. These are Martin Luther King words I agree about 1000%.

We need to avoid the risk here in Italy that the far right coalition wins.

Also they want to withdraw from Europe, to isolate … madness.

And nobody can stop people from moving to one country to another, especially when these people are just looking for a better future and are escaping from sure death. We need to remember our humanity. People want to send them away, but away where?

As a union, in Europe we are finding and we need to find solutions here in Europe and also in Africa where they escape from. So, far right parties do not have to win.

Till not long time ago, Salvini (the Lega party leader) was blaming South Italy people, and saying that people from Naples smell badly. Now he is doing the same with immigrants: discriminating.

Italy is just one country and people are forgetting his hate for the South of our country. Now he has shifted his intolerance and hate towards the “strangers”. Totally unacceptable.

I do hope people will use their heart and mind when voting on the 4th of March.

We need it, to move on, as we did with this legislation and this just finished government. We managed to go out from the economical crysis we had fell into. And now we are growing again, we are moving forward and we do not need someone to bring us back to past times with Berlusconi, to be forgotten.

Thanks for reading me once more.

March approaching quickly and lots of tensions around. We need to stop this spread fear and hate aroud.

Colors are the beauty of life!

A big hug to everyone, because no one ever should feel discriminated especially for the color of the skin.

Thanks again for reading me

you all guys take good care of yourself

See you soon





Undress your soul

Hi there!

Sorry again for being absent …

You know there are so many different kind of silences, and not just between two people.

Behind this one my messy life, and my mood shifting … not easy: 38 years old, still trying to understand what I really want to do with my life.

Why this title?

Because yes fashion is about clothes and how to get dressed, and how to look like, and make up, and shoes and hair style …

But the best outfit we could ever wear is our shining soul coming out from underneath our clothes.

So sometimes yes, dress is important: we cannot wear pajama at a wedding! But I think people sometimes forget that the best thing to do is just to undress a bit our soul with heavy covers.

We need to shine. We need to make our alive essence sparkling, and being able to glow and spread light all around.

I have always been told that I look much more beautiful when I smile. And I always wondered how can mood affect so much on the external appearance of someone and also other people’s perception.

Yes. We need to wear our best smile, that doesn’t have to be a fake one, but a true one, because finally we give room to our soul to be, to exist, to shine, to be noticed by others.

I always hear of people looking forward to copy someone else’s look. But what about being ourselves?

We are beautiful. All of us. And first of all our beauty is inside us. Hidden. Let’s undress our souls. Let us make the world look at our real us, our real essence.

Starting from the eyes: mirror of the soul, and actually more than mirror I would say door of the soul.

The magic of a glance. There is no glittering powder stronger in sparkle.

We don’t have to be afraid to show up. We deserve to be out there as much as anyone else.

Life is now.

Let’s be out there, and not hidden behind a computer screen. Let’s shine and live for real.

And not being afraid of what other people might think because we are ourselves.

If people don’t like us, it is not our problem, but theirs.

So let’s step out into the sunshine, and let’s undress our soul from all the heaviness and life covers.

We are here to shine and be.

Have a good life everyone.

Take care and see you soon.

I promise


How smart are you? What is elegance?

Being smart … elegant … posh …


What does it really mean? Is it a good thing?

Do we have to wear golden clothes, or shining diamonds to be elegant?

Or it is about a different kind of sparkle and light?

Definitely there are so many examples of people, still alive or not, that are an emblem of elegance even if they are not wearing any silver nor gold, nor shining dresses nor accessories.

Just to quote one that I did love so much, and I still do: Audrey Hepburn. She was elegant even wearing any casual dress. It was a matter of style: her presence, not just merely the posture nor the manners.

So then?

What is your concept of elegance? Is it just in fashion or a personal definition despite of clothes?


Little princesses grow?

Starting from when we are little we can be dressed like a noble princess, but one thing is the dress, the other is the person.

In this world who only looks at the apparence it is easy to have prejudices, but if we look well to each other we will realize how elegant people are even in daily life clothes, without ceremony dresses and so on.

This does not mean that is not nice to dress up, but it is not a necessary condition to be really elegant.

I would like to give you another example of elegance: Kate Middleton. You may like her or not but for me she is a real example of elegance. Which has a sober side, in the sense that to be elegant we do not need to be too much. Not too much make-up, nor too many jewels, nor too much of anything.

In latin we say “in media stat virtus”. It is so true, it can be translated “in the middle virtue stays”.

Balance. Always, in anything in life.

Then of course it depends also on the event we are attending, the choice of the right outfit.

For my first novel presentation I chose a Ralph Laurent dress which for me is really beautiful because it has some very special details but it is not excessive. Not too short, nor too flashy …

ultime 509

With a black jacket it was for me just perfect, and I was at ease with it.

Feltrinelli 4dress cut








And I would like to remember you that with a dress that already has a motive, tights should be simple. On the contrary if the dress is simple then you could dare with some tights which have a motive, or a design … Again balance. And elegance is really the concept of “less is better than more”.

In Italy we say not to look like a “Christmas tree”! To say that too much is too much. Too many points of attraction for the sight.

And what about just a simple classical black dress?

ultime 967

This picture is from my book, a few years ago. I would go now for a less red lipstick, thinner heels, maybe black tights, and what about a nice hair chignon (hair bun) or just very straight hair?

To look more elegant sometimes is enough even just an accessory.

What about a nice necklace or a foulard?


Pearls maybe could a bit “old fashion” for someone, but even just a simple jewel, not necessarily a real one: on the market with very little money everyone could buy jewels that just look like real ones but are not. Or even something original with some semi-precious stones like amethyst, or even glass …

And what about a casual-elegant outfit? How do you like it?


You see even an hoodie can become very smart … This one is a kid’s wear.

But even adults …

Sometimes in a garment a detail can really make the difference.

Like even a plain black cardigan can become something completely different.


This one is maybe a bit too much. Sometimes even just a little decoration can change everything in an outfit.

Most important thing you have to follow your curves.

Because elegant means also not showing all the lines of the body but marking the most important ones only.

So for instance a nice straight falling pair of trousers will do better than a skinny one if you are not that slim in your legs.

Body lines have to be defined by clothes, not to look more than what they are.

Also definitely showing too much is not elegant. I am talking about the décolleté in particular or too short skirts. But there are some outfits where there could be an exception for this general advice. I have in mind even some garments seen on the “red carpet”. It all depends who is wearing what, and how, and with what kind of surrounding rest of the outfit (shoes, tights, jackets …).

So rules for elegance: less in general and more simplicity, following the lines, attention to details and accessories (and not too many of them also) …

And regarding accessories the bag is really an essential part of our outfit.

It has to be coordinated. And if you are not sure remember that a small black bag is always a safe bet. Then of course the design, the material …

And do we want to talk about shoes?

If you have a black dress, or a dark color dress, shoes should be dark, or at least not lighter in color than the dress itself.

Harmony in colors, harmony in shapes.


Elegance is all a matter of balance.

Let me know if there is any specific subject you would like to talk about regarding this.

It has been a pleasure to write this article.

Hope you got inspiration for your elegance, trying to enhance and not depress your figure in clothes that could not be suitable for your curves.

Be yourself! Always.

And a true smile is always a good starting point to light up any outfit.

Thanks for reading

Take care

See you next








Almost Spring time … what’s below the clothes? Our body we must love it!

Dear readers …

Spring’s approaching quickly.




Weather’s changing. So it’s time to put away the wool and start wearing lighter clothes!

But what’s below the clothes?

Do we love our body?

Or winter time has made us put on some extra weight?

Nobody is perfect, so let’s start considering this. So regarding the outfit choices go for something you always feel at ease wearing.

Be yourself!

Inspired by a Facebook post I just replied to, I would like to give you here some easy tips to get better in shape with no efforts.

First of all cut desserts and sugars in general. It is not a big sacrifice. Just eat them more rarely.

Prefer brown sugar to white one and even better honey.

Second important thing to remember: avoid white bread and carbohydrates that are not wholegrain!

White pasta is ok, but better cutting white bread: GI too much higher.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Less meat. More fish.

Cheese better very few times, if you could do only once a week would be ideal. You could go for yogurt at breakfast also or as a light dinner once in a while. And milk of course at breakfast so you have your calcium intake. With cheese you get too many fats.

Reduce or avoid for some time booze. I know, it is difficult, Sommelier’s speaking. But you will see. Alcohol is related also to our hormones balance and it is 7 kcal per gram! Even beer, just stop for a couple of weeks and you will see incredible results!

Avoid sparkling sugary drinks like Coke. Just fresh fruit juices and the ones with no added sugars in the ingredients (pineapple i.e.).

Ok for coffee, but not too many, especially avoid coffee in the late afternoon/evening if you want to get better sleep.

Sleeping is so important! The less you sleep the more you put on weight! It is not me saying it, but science: it is the melatonine balance that gets affected by the lack of sleep. At least 7 hours in a row. And avoid keeping technology close to the bed.

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

No snacks nor breaks. Just 3 meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you cannot do other way just fruit would be ok for the hunger.

No chips, cookies or any other packed food.

Stay simple. And also vegetables not to be cooked too much not to lose their vitamines content.

Do some sport. Yes. I will maybe talk about sport clothing in another post.


Even just a walk. Some physical activity to boost your metabolism and gain back energies.

We all need it with the season change.

No butter, no margarine, nothing: for fats just extra virgin olive oil to use for cooking and raw.

Walnuts and dried fruits are important in a well balanced diet, but without exceeding: they are very high in calories.

And last advice: eat with calmness, and reduce quantities of everything.

Not a big effort, but quantity makes the biggest difference.

Try to cheat your mind using smaller plates, or at least make the food appearance to be like a full rich portion.

Don’t do other things while eating. Concentrate on the moment.

Enjoy the food. Chew slowly.

And I promise your weight will change!

Just little changements but with great results.


And simply less.

If you prepare too much food put the rest in the freezer: it will be another meal another time.

So are you ready for lighter clothes in spring time?

If you have any chance to go for a swim, swimming is one of the best sports to get back quickly in shape.

But anyway stay active. Days are getting better, so don’t stay indoor: go outside, enjoy the sunshine.

If you would like to get inspired for your recipes check my blog:


And don’t worry!

You are beautiful! All of you! No exclusions!

Stop punishing yourself with food if you are not happy about yourself.

Just breath. Start back loving you. Life is beautiful and remember you are in charge of your life! Be happy!

Wear what suits you and start to get back your balance with your body which is self acceptance first.

What is the part of your body you love the most?

The one you love less?

I will answer in next post to all your messages in reply to see what the best outfit or garment could be for you!

And do not be afraid to dare a little change!

Try today a different make up! I will speak about make up soon also.

A new hair cut?

Remember also that true beauty comes from within.

So shine!

Don’t be afraid of who you are! Just be!

Smile, and the whole world will smile you back. And a smile is the best outfit for any occasion!

Thanks for reading me and see you next!