Hi everyone!

It’s a while … I know. But recently I’ve been more a Facebook writer. Commenting articles, writing posts myself on Facebook, sharing pictures …

Let’s start this way about this subject:

I love Jews.

Maybe you’re wondering if there is a “but”. Actually there is an “and”.

And I love Muslims.

And there is another “and”.

And I am a Christian. And you know that there are also Christian Palestinians. Or Palestinians of different faiths.

So please, try to understand my point of view. And not just because also in my personal life I’ve dated a Jew (I was madly in love with, but sadly we split), and also a couple of Muslim guys: I’ve lived together with one Algerian Muslim guy in Paris (almost married, marriage cancelled before getting married), and my last boyfriend here in Florence Muslim from Pakistan and I took him with my mum to our beautiful Jewish restaurant here in Florence once …

And I’ve been to our Sinagogue several times, even more times than the ones I’ve been in our Mosque. And my city has done Religions festivals with Imams and Rabbis talking together … and events all together … and the president of the Jewish community coming to the Eid celebration of the end of Ramadan, and also coming speaking inside the Mosque … and the Imam coming to the Sinagogue … I mean here we are one city, with no walls, no discriminations, no hate. But this Palestinian cause is an issue everywhere for everyone.

I guess you couldn’t care less about my personal life, or the specific reality of my hometown, and my heart personal feelings, and people I’ve loved, people I know, people I care about …

But this was the beginning of this post, to explain you better my position.

What’s happened in Gaza is a war crime.

Let’s enter in the subject this way. Not my words, but Amnesty International’s words, who define the killings of 278 people and 70 children “war crimes”. Words have a meaning. Here it is clear: you cannot call it “defense” killing that many innocent people (and bombing with professional F-35 an average of 5 bombs per minute in a night, targetting intentionally civilians), destroying more than 450 buildings (totally or partially badly damaged). Destroying 6 hospitals! Yes 6! And also 9 primary care health centres. Destroying the only Covid centre in Gaza and killing also the famous doctor Ayman Abu al-Ouf together with 12 members of his family! Destroying the MSF building. More than 1900 people injured and they do need help! No water (and polluted! Check the cancer rate in Gaza)! Electricity was already 6 hours per day only. Is this humanity? 75.000 people homeless now!

And let’s be clear. Israel is not a democracy! Again not my words, but Israeli law: the law of 2018 that declares the state of Israel truly belonging only to the Jews. So discriminating also Christians and people of different faiths.

What’s happening in Gaza and not only there, is a real apartheid. Again words mean something very specific. When people do not have same rights, and same freedom that is apartheid. Gaza is like a jail. People cannot move! And water cut, electricity just 6 hours per day. Everything entering and going out must be authorised. Even vaccines were short. Even medicines and doctors and anything is missing! And what about being jailed without even a trial in court?! Tortures! Rapes in jail! I am talking about Palestinian activists. And killing even children with no weapons in their hands. Stealing the lands they have property documents of! Having houses demolished! Olive trees burnt! And in the whole Israel now being fired for having taken part to a strike for Palestine! Is this democracy??? Censorship on social media is it democracy? And all the Jews that these days have stood next to their Palestinian brothers, now they face a lots of troubles. Why?

It is not a matter of religion (I’ve told you there are many Palestinians who are Christian or not Muslim, even Jewish Palestinians!). It is a matter of human rights.

And what would you do if the military came to your house sending you out of it. This is what is happening! There are international laws Israel is violating with these occupations that are illegal! Study what was established in Oslo! What is the green line! Israel doesn’t care! But those occupations are illegal by international law!!!!

Yesterday in Silwan 800 families won’t have anymore their homes. And the beginning of this “conflict” were not the rockets from Gaza (unable to be specifically directed onto a target, and most of them blocked by the Israeli shields), but the occupations in Sheik Jarrah, illegal occupations and during the Ramadan! And also the violation of the most holy place for Muslims! The Mosque of Jerusalem! Entering with the military boots on the carpets, shooting and injuing hundreds of people in a place of worship! Is this respect??? In Jerusalem people were peacefully demostrating against the occupations! People sent out of their homes during Ramadan! Where were they supposed to go? And illegaly sent out of their homes! Against international law!

Bernie Sanders is right! And he is Jewish!

What the world should do now, a part from condemning Israel for war crimes, is to recognize immediately the State of Palestine, and to stop this apartheid (Hafrada) that is not human!!!!

Civilians are innocent! Don’t mix Hamas with Palestinians!

They do deserve a life, a future, their land! Not daily stolen!

As for South Africa and Mandela struggle against apartheid, now the world in the same way must step in, all in support of Palestinians’ right of existence, and their human rights.

Palestine needs to be a free state with free people living freely next to Israel. Or there should be one state, but not a religious state, and not under Netanyahu. So I guess it’s easier to create a real true Palestinian State, next to Israel, with all its rights and people with their freedom, finally. No walls, no deaths, no killings, no fear. There is room for both countries: Israel and Palestine. And Israel should stop occupying lands that do belong to Palestinians!

Gaza should be open! And free and part of a bigger Palestine state with no more restrictions! No more discriminations!

Israel will not be cancelled! This is another fake accusation! Palestinians want just their own rights and not being kicked out of their homes! Human rights! Now daily violed! Respect! And you know there were Jews going around hunting the “arabs” and shooting with guns! Attacking Palestinians just for being Palestinians! Is this humanity?

In the holy Quran you could read Sura 5:32 says: whoever kills a person is like having killed the whole humanity. So Islam condemns all violence and killings. Palestinians want to live not in fear but in peace! It’s simple. Of course anyone who feels threatened reacts, who is kicked out of their homes illegaly reacts. But the right of self defence is for who is oppressed, not for the oppressor, who is the illegal occupier! International laws says it clearly! Enough of fake news!

I pray everyone to stop the hate circle. Everyone has been hurt, even just in their dignity. And some people have lost their lives even on the Israeli Jewish side (even if numbers are not even comparable because we are talking about 278 Palestinians and 70 Palestinian children killed plus all Gaza destroyed!). RIP to every one. Because we are all brothers on this planet. No one should lose their life. No one. And no one wants to destroy Israel or to kill all Jews, like no one should want to kill all Palestinians (extremists are there on both sides, sadly).

So are we able to build a 2 states solution? Or Netanyahu is too greedy not to stop occupying more and more land, and doing and ethnic cleansing forcing more and more families out of their own homes? Yesterday 800 families! Is this humanity???? And against international laws!!!!

God Almighty, Our just One Creator is the same for all of us. Are we able to see the others not as enemies but as brothers?

Some protests of Jews and Palestinians together have shown it.

The world, and America in particular, needs to put pressure on Israel to make now (if not now when?) a big change for the life of all these people who deserve the right to live in peace! In their land and not with a checkpoint every metre and with no rights, nor freedom, no water, no electricity … STOP THE APARTHEID!


And Israel needs to be condemned also for war crimes. What has been done is not “defense”, is genocide. Enough!


Loujain is not really FREE yet

Hi everyone.

I couldn’t help but write this article about a subject that concerns all women in the whole planet and everyone, not just women. Because untill we all won’t be free, no one will really be.

We’ve heard the news of the final release of Loujain al-Hathloul in Saudi Arabia.[0]=AT0tbLX4Hbcq2j-ogcsXFUq2UTSj7gUEPQ6H8q-o2NzmuyRw5ajFmbPL1CXzgjmMkQOB6WmOJNMy8PKSDhvJ35iGR-Hd8wQnoztz1VGYTXlP_W8T5_JA68vVs7dSl08avG49ty8DnR0ZF1iKhG9qWtrjYw

More than one thousand days in prison. And not just jail, but also tortures and sexual abuses. And she is still not free because banned from travelling for 5 years, and of course monitored …

Any civil country shouldn’t have death penalty, shouldn’t have torture, nor rapes nor any sexual assualt or abuse in jail!

2021. Where are human rights? Where is humanity?

Saudi Arabia has killed and cut into pieces a journalist (Jamal Khashoggi) just for his words and his articles! Is this human? Is this being a civil country with respect for human beings?

During her detention, Loujain al-Hathloul has received many awards, including the 2019 PEN America award. Two other women’s rights activists who were arrested alongside Hathloul — Nassima al-Sada and Maya’a al-Zahrani — remain in detention, according to Amnesty International. Sada is also a PEN America award recipient.

(from the Indipendent:

Being a human right activist is not a crime! All the planet, and everywhere, human rights should be defended and protected for everyone! And men and women are equal and should be equal in all human rights! And also should have same freedom of life and same rights in front of the law and justice.

I am so happy that now Biden has come, and he has stop the sale of armies to the Saudi Arabia. Yemen war is a shame for humanity and the whole planet.

But where is humanity if people are not even able to see the value of one single life?

Each life on earth matters, and only God has the right to take it away.

Death penalty is a shame! Wars are a shame! Innocent civilians killed and left to starve and die for illness.

2021. Technology and modern cities are nothing if the hearts are empty and dull, if there is no respect for people’s lives, human rights.

The world must push for true justice for Loujain! Jail for her sexual abusers and who has tortured her. And freedom for the other activists.

Tortures are not human! SHAME!

And free all other activists! All of them!

The world should let Saudi Arabia know that human rights are not optional. But compulsory everywhere for everyone! Every person has a soul and deserves respect! No death penalty! No torture! No sexual abuses nor rapes!

How dare people torture and rape and sexually assualt and abuse another human being?

Any release that does not include an independent investigation of the charges, does not include lifting the travel ban, does not include dropping the charges, is not freedom,” said Walid al-Hathloul. “Therefore we’re far away from justice.”

WE ASK FOR FREEDOM also for Samar Badawi, Nour Abdulaziz and Nassima al-Sadah!!!!!!


Please share.

The world should know. The world should stop anyone who goes against human rights! Because human rights are not an option, but are a must, everywhere for everyone!


Thanks and see you next!

All the best!

Yesterday, 27th of January 2021, was the #WeRemember day

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to write this quick, but intense post, because we all have on this planet the duty not to forget history. Never ever to forget. To never make it happen again.

And in history, one of the most evil (unfortunately not the only one) page is the Holocaust.

Second World War. 6 million Jews, and not just Jews but also Rom and Sinti and gay people and disabled and even just political opponents, have been deported, tortured, killed … just because of their identity, their faith …

Children used for medical experiments, women raped. Lives killed. Numbers given to the bodies in those tattoos on the writsts, not even the dignity of a graveyard, after having taken the dignity away from them even before. Numbers and lives exterminated for the sake of it. In the name of a crazy theory that saw some people believing they were superior, and so entitled to remove everyone else, who was different, from this planet.

And still the story could be repeated. So we must keep this memory alive. Auschwitz and all those places where humanity got lost.

There are so many witnesses, and pictures, and documents. The first thing also Eisenhower did once arrived to free the camps was to instruct to take as many pictures as possible, to never let future generations ever believe that it didn’t happen. It did. And the memory must be kept alive.

There is also another reason why we should remember.

Never to think also in 2021 that anyone is superior to someone else.

We are all equal on this planet. One and only one human race. Science proved it. DNA studies also by Luca Cavalli Sforza and not just him, proved it. Contintents before were attached. The history of mankind on this planet has been well enough discovered and studied.

So I also pray that with Biden in US, the word “race” could disappear. We are all belonging to just one human race. Races do not exist. Stop talking about races in plural! As it was not existing the “Jews race”. So races are just an invention by someone or a group of people to pretend to be superior. None is. And we are all mixtures on Earth, we all descend from the same bounch of people who were coming from one same part of the planet when still continents where attached to each other in just one block. The colour of the skin should be considered as eyes colour. Religions, differences that are not differences … We are all one human race.

So no hate also between Jews and Muslims, in the name, again of crazy fake theories.

Actually the two religions have lots in common, and I’ve attended religious festivals where there were speaking also together an Imam and a Rabbin, who showed what both faiths believe, and there is so much in common.

Have a look for instance at this beautiful page and organization. The Muslim Jewish Conference.

We must break all walls and barriers. We are all brothers. Stop the hate worldwile.

The right Jewish Israeli people are next to their Palestinian Muslim brothers. So stop attacking each other!

There must be a way to live together, in peace. Not in a Apartheid (Hafrada) that knows nothing of human rights and true equality. And Jerusalem is the capital of all religions: Muslims, Jews, Christians. (#FreePalestine in brotherhood)

Please write it down on your agenda next year, on the 27th of January, not only remember the Holocaust, but also remember what it means even today, and how we can put in practice that lesson: never again.

Humanity. Still lost in so many parts of the planet. Humanity still forgotten in gender discriminations, and discriminations of all kind.

Please do remember, and spread the message: we are all brothers. Just only one human race on this planet.

Behave like brothers. Not enemies. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Not slaves. Love with a true heart and do not cheat. Not bodies. Values. Ethics. Life.

Take care all of you

All the best

See you soon



If you haven’t read it, read among many other books and witnesses, the Diary of Anne Frank. And in it you will find also hope in the middle of hell. The hope of the sunshine after the rain, the storm of the loss of humanity. We must have hope, and be the light to scatter away hate from the planet, to never let this happen again. No to fascism. No to innocent deaths.

America GREAT again!

Hi everyone!

This post is just following the previous one, but finally now Biden has been elected 46th president of the United States of America. And Harris vicepresident, first woman!

I can tell you, that even from here, Florence, Italy, it is really great news.

Watching the riots just a few days before, violating the constitution and democracy that has legally voted for a new president. All crazy QAnon theories and supporters, going against also science, common sense, respect and decency, and democracy especially.

I am sure you’ve all watched the ceremony in full and the speeches … but here below if you would like to watch it again, also the evening celebrations with singers from Bruce Springsteen to John Legend.

But definitely I am sure you haven’t missed Lady Gaga and J.lo performances. Stunning.

And the two words in Spanish from Jennifer Lopez, just to stress how much is important that the United States of America are One Nation for all.

Once again: we all belong to just one human race! Stop divisions! Stop the hate!

And Joe Biden reminding that he is the President of everyone in US.

Here Lady Gaga performance:

I am not going to post the speeches of Biden and Harris, I’m sure you’ve listened to them. And Biden has already started on the right way: Paris Climate agreement back in, and also the WHO, the World Health Organisation … and wearing masks compulsory to stop this coronavirus, killing worldwide so many … and finally no more LGBT discriminations …

The way is a long way, to make a country with more true justice, in the truth, against fake news and lies. No more discriminations. No more hate. And I do hope also the word “race” will be erased, because races do not exist. Science proved it. DNA proved it. There is just and only one human race on this planet.

I close this post with the poem from Amanda Gorman that is a commitment for everyone to be. A better Great America again.

Welcome America! A new day has come!

The truth is that Trump has actually lost twice

Hi everyone.

Writing this post because as you know, finally Trump has been impeached, for the second time.

And despite votes have been counted again, he still goes on saying he won the elections. What a lier!!!

The problem is there are still too many people believing his rubbish lies.

There is a democracy in US that has voted. Biden is the true winner. Trump is just a poor loser who cannot admit to have lost.

And he has condemned the riots in Washington just the very last minute, before he was calling them patriots. They are just violent and shameful. And RIP to the 5 dead, one police officer as well. Deaths that could have been avoid. And I pray everyone to avoid more. Stop everyone from doing anything crazy and reckless, because Trump has lost. Just accept it. Stop the lies. Enough!

Whoever thinks to go against true democracy is a danger. Elections have been fair. Even Republicans had admitted it. Trump is just a selfish egocentric lier.

Now America has to become really great again, getting rid of that selfish egocentric lier of Trump.

He is a shame for all honest American people who truly believe in human rights.

I remind you also the executions done by Trump: 11! And also one woman after 70 years!

What a shame. Death penalty is against humanity. Always.

And the proof that is pointless is given by the data: where it is still there, crimes aren’t fewer. And this worldwide. So what is the point? And sometimes people have been wrongly condemned and killed. It has been proved. Jail for life is more than enough.

And we do not have to forget Trump putting kids in cages at the border with Mexico. Separating families … Killing the so called “dreamers” dreams. Have you forgotten about it?

I haven’t.

So happy that it will start soon a new chapter for the US, where also this pandemic will be taken care of differently. Where the health system will be finally improved to be more equal, not just better for the privileged ones. Health is a human right.

Human rights. True eqaulity. True brotherhood. A true stop to racism in all its forms.

WE ARE ALL JUST ONE HUMAN RACE ON THIS PLANET. Whoever goes on talking about races in plural is just a shame for humanity! Enough of lies. Science and DNA have proved it!

So Biden and Harris for a better America.

You all deserve it.

Hoping no more riots will happen these last days, because democracy has legally elected the new president of the United States with no frauds. Stop believing Trump’s lies. Looking forward to a new America with Biden and Harris.

Take care

All the best

See you next post


What is Christmas in 2020?

Christmas 2020.

I’m here home, alone. My first Christmas alone. Today I’m back unemployed because yesterday I finished my last day at work. So looking for a new job.

2020. A pandemic that in Italy has taken away 70.000 lives. And worldwide even worse. Lives changed forever, if not taken away. And we all have lost someone we knew.

In the middle of the tears and the sorrow, in the middle of the egoisms of people who still think that coronavirus is just fake news, they think it does not exist … and they go around with the mask down, a danger for themselves and the others …

And then in these last days of mad shopping, as if Christmas could not be without a gift.

And yes. This Christmas I did no gifts. I even had to borrow some money to pay the rental and the expenses, because I’ve seen cut my working hours from 32 per week to 18 since November.

So here we are. 24th of December.

But Christmas is not in the gifts. What is a gift? Christmas is in the soul. A rebirth, a hope, the joy of hope that rises again in the world because it is not the end, it won’t be. We will overcome it. This will pass too.

And Christmas is not in material stuff, it is felt in the heart. It happens in the heart. And should be the closeness to our loved ones. Family, friends, love. Our closeness to our soul and heart, remembering why we are here alive for.

Nothing material can substitute feelings, or create them when there are none. And in this world what matters are soul bounds, not materialistic shares.

The heart speaks, and should feel the energy of a new life flowing. We are again on the ground, broken, but hope and love and faith are there to lift us up again. Life brings us down to teach us, to make us stronger, to make us grow, become wiser.

And we should not be filled with bitterness, with anger, with revenge, regrets, hate, fear … but love.

Because as Martin Luther King said: only love can fight, with no violence, hate away from this planet and make this world a better place to live. We are here to love. Not to get, but to give. Not for ourselves but for the others. To leave a mark of love. That love that is born again, on Christmas days, in our hearts. A light that can guide us no matter what, in the pathway of the struggles of this life. Because only love is the guide and the destination.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

That this Christmas could be a true one from the heart, in the heart, with a new hope, new joy, new light to start again our life anew.

Stay blessed everyone. Be good and do good, and good will come back to you. Forgive and foget. Move on. Let it go. Just love. And love more.

Keep the faith.

Christ is born!

Racism is a crime

Hi everyone,

I am writing this post because I do really feel the urge to speak up for what’s going on in these days in Minneapolis.

We all read the news, and we’ve all seen the awful and shameful video and heard about the following death of George Floyd. RIP. And today the arrest of reporters and journalists!

We are in 2020 and honestly this is not acceptable. And not just in US. Everywhere.

I will never get tired repeating that science had proved it! We all belong to only ONE human RACE. I invite you to read the studies done by Luca Cavalli Sforza. Einstein also confirmed it. And we all should know it, but people, especially in United States still go on speaking about races! We are not dogs or horses! We are human beings, and as persons, science has proved it, studying our DNA and DNA differences that races do not exist! There is only ONE HUMAN RACE.

So I would take this occasion also to invite all you Americans to ask for the abolition of the word “races” and “race” from papers, any paper or documents. Because it is simply nonsense. We are all mixtures on this planet and you cannot divide people because of the color of their skin and shades of color or any other nonsense! Take for instance the example of Indila (Adila Sedraïa) the singer (I have her first album and it is stunning) she was born in Paris and she is of Algerian, Egyptian, Indian and Cambodian descent and she speaks French, English, Arabic and Hindi!

You cannot put people into cages and labels!

Millions of people cannot be idenitified in one specific nationality! Myself also going backward from my father side, I go back to Nice and France! So yes I am Italian but also belong the world. We all belong to this world! And the color of the skin is like the color of the hair or of the eyes. It means nothing, seriously, scientifically speaking.

And going backward and backward … I remind you that continents were attached. We all descend from the same group of people. This is science and hystory even if some people prefer to think otherwise.

So we must all condemn racism and any behaviour that is due to this shameful idea that some people are superior to others or better, or different … Wrong!

We are all equal on this planet and we all deserve same respect, and we do all have same dignity!

So condemning all forms of racisms I invite you to do the same.

Any discrimination is wrong. Remember this.

We all must build a world as Martin Luther King was dreaming, where character is what makes the difference, not the colour of the skin.

We are all equal. And we must apply this statement every day in our daily lives. Condemning all abuses, even just verbal abuses and offenses.

And also we must condemn violence.

Remeber, as Martin Luther King was saying: as darkness cannot fight darkness, and only light can do, we must oppose to racism love and equality and not another racism in the opposite way.

Let’s make this world a better place.

Starting from the “man in the mirror”. Ourselves. Let’s change anger into compassion. Hate into understanding. Violence into education and dialogue.

A big hug to you all.

Take care of yourself and always spread love, forgivness and compassion.






Easter, death in the Mediterranean sea

What is Easter?

And what is it in 2020?



(continue to keep the distance)


Yesterday morning I could not stop crying, yes. Saturday evening there was a message of help. 4 rubber dinghies in need of help in the Mediterranean sea. Saturday. 250 people.

Easter morning again the news. They found one who sank. People died. Only a few people remaining. They had given on Saturday their exact position. One rubber dinghy was with 72 people, one with 47, one with 55 and one with 85. They contacted the Alarm Phone service and the Sea Watch said it clearly.

Still today no one is rescuing them! The survivals! Many died in the water, the 85 of one of the four. Is this humanity? Just tell me. To know that people need help, but let hours and hours and hours before getting to check on them again, so that many are dead!

And now no one is going to save them! A little ONG boat left Siracusa to get there this morning, but they were redirected elsewhere for another help call toward Spain.

So who is going to save now these people who are in the water? More than 80 hours abandoned in the sea!

2020 humanity is really lost. Where people do have their heart?

Also on the 7th of April it has been signed in Italy a decree that is against the constitution and international laws with the excuse of the lockdown and the Covid19. So closing the harbours just to certain boats, but not to all. Trying to find a legal aliby not to save lives! I am so ashamed of my country, Italy!

There is so a letter written by Medici Senza Frontiere, Mediterranea Saving Humans, Open Arms and Sea-Watch (all ONG), a letter to the Commissioner for Human Rights of the European Counsil to condemn this decree against humanity and human rights.

Alan Kurdi boat rescued 150 people, no one let them down since Monday, left desperately in front of our shore. Only yesterday they gave food to them, still on the boat, sent the Red Cross, and they will be transferred after the quarantine on board, to Germany.

“How many more deaths do you want on your conscience, European rulers? To you, and the Maltese and Italian governments in particular, it would have taken a moment to choose to save these lives and not turn away. Would it have been in your possibilities to save them? YES, in a few hours. Did you know where they were and that they were dying? YES. Would saving them have compromised someone’s health and safety? NO. You chose to let them die.
There are three other naval assets that are at risk of shipwreck. President Conte, Ministers De Micheli, Lamorgese and Speranza, you have to send the Coast Guard to help them, immediately. You know where they are. Do not make the horrendous crime of failing to rescue them weigh on your consciences and our country.?”
This message from Mediterranean Saving Humans about what I mentioned before.
Do you know that now in Lybia they are bombing? Tripoli! Hospital! So where these people escaping from lagers were supposed to go?
No more also running water. The situation in Lybia is escalating. And we all know of tortures and deaths in the centres.
So what?
I am ashamed of my government!
I am ashamed of Europe.
Even Carola Rackete spoke against this lack of humanity in Europe.
Please share this post.
Even with Covid19 we cannot let people die in the sea! Knowing exactly how many and where they were and doing nothing.
An Easter of blood yesterday.
85 people, the ones of the 4th boat. And now the others? Who is going to save them????
For the moment no one.
They are in the water, it is more than 80 hours. How long can they resist on them? Where is humanity!


Hi everyone.

I felt the urge to write this article today because I still read horrendous words about this subject. Child marriage.

We are in 2020, where life average lenght has gone of course higher, up to even more than 100 years in some few cases. So there is no reason today to accept this abominius anywhere on earth.

Children have their rights to have a childhood! And even if with poverty the childhood is already a time of misery and sorrow, this is not an excuse to authorise this shameful thing of child marriage. That should be called with its name: child rape!

I am attaching a video that is very clear about it and regards Iran. But the problem, if you see the video, is also in many other countries, they are quoted.

And it is not a matter of religion or Islam or whatever! It is a matter of HUMAN RIGHTS and CHILDREN RIGHTS.

Marriage should not be imposed or forced, not even by the parents. And children have not the mental age to decide for their  future. They deserve to play games of their age, and not being raped by men 40 and more years oldern than them! Disgusting!

This is a shame! Children rights on this planet are a must!

As it is the right of education and going to school for all! Also for little girls! Because again TRUE EQUALITY is not a matter of religion, but a matter of HUMAN RIGHTS that are the same for everyone on this planet!

We all belong to only ONE HUMAN RACE and we should be all EQUAL in front of the law with no discriminations of any kind! Not even of GENDER!

And children are INNOCENT and they deserve to remain children till 18 years old! Because they deserve their childhood! And to get mature to become responsible for their own life and choices alone! No one should decide their destiny! You do not give birth to a child to have a slave! Or a source of money when you sell them for a marriage! Shame on those parents! I am sorry if they do it because they are poor, but this is not the solution and won’t ever be!


Please watch the video and share this important massage. AND REMEMBER THAT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION BUT WITH HUMANITY!

And people are not slaves or objects to be sold! A girl is not a jewel you can sell in the market! She is a person! She deserves respect! And she will be in charge of her life when adult but no one should dare decide for her such an important life choice as marriage!

Please share this article to create an awarness about this subjects. For poor families the solution is not making babies to sell when grown up!


and CHILD MARRIAGE is nothing but CHILD RAPE! And you all know it. Whoever does not condemn it is a shame for this world. And it is not a matter of religion, but respect for CHILDREN!

Thanks again for reading me.

Please do share.

Take care.



We made today a live video with different associations to discuss about how to ask our government for documents to all the immigrants that are here, but are without. Around 600.000 people. They deserve dignity.

We all belong to one only single race: only 1 human race for all.



I attach also my personal petition I wrote a couple of days ago. Please sign that too on Change . org




And if you would like to give some money for the people starving, workers of the fields, immigrants who can just survive because of people’s good heart. Here the link for a funding campaign.