Hi everyone!

This is my first website ever! So forgive my mistakes! I will learn on the way.

Nice to meet you all!

I’m Barbara Perucca from Florence, Italy. Author of 2 literary prizes winner novel:

Non voglio ammettere che ti amo – Edizioni Helicon

for now just published in Italy and in Italian but I’m looking for an editor in UK/US to publish it also worldwide. I am bound to my Italian editor (Edizioni Helicon) just for the Italian market and the Italian version of my novel. I’ve translated it myself in English (I’ve lived in London for 4 years, also being Member of the Poetry Society) so I would need also a literary agency to help me promote it and find an editor outside Italy. The title translated is: “I don’t want to admit that I love you”. Looking forward to make a movie out of it too! And I encourage all bilingual or English mother tongue to give me advice regarding the translation I need to correct and polish to make it sound more English.

So you are all welcome to contact me barbara.perucca@gmail.com

My Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/BarbaraPerucca

Here in this blog I will talk to you about different topics and what is FASHION for me. We make our fashion ourselves. How you can make your own fashion, and what is the meaning of fashion in our lives, how we embrace it, how we live it. Because it doesn’t have to be perceived as something far from our reach, but it is within us. We are the creators of our own fashion as a way of living also, not just how we dress our body but our soul as well.

I got my model FAIFI official Diploma in 2002 also with a make-up session.

I have always being involved in the fashion environment also with my various jobs as main or side jobs, also writing articles for fashion magazines, selling clothes in retail shops, working for brands like Gucci or Boucheron …

But I am not mad about “famous” brands. I think is more what is suitable for us, what makes us look good, more than what brand we are showing.

Clothes should reflect our mood, suit the specific occasion we wear them for, and actually each day is a special occasion to stand up for ourselves no matter what. We are alive, we matter, we shine. A presence not hidden in the shadow but there, alive, in the middle of the crowd, we make the difference, each of us is unique, beautiful. Let’s be ourselves always.

So enjoy the readings in this website and feel free to contact me and keep in touch.

Thanks! Life is too short not to live fashion and not only, our way!