Brexit. The sadness of a departure

Dear all,

after being on Thursday in Turin to present my novel, now at its third edition, in a famous Feltrinelli book shop, now I am back home, in Florence to think about what’s just happend today: BREXIT.

I’ve lived 4 years in London, and I remember also having known so many people from almost everywhere there.

And Brexit is such a shame.

Europe was created to give stability and more power to all countries, helping them in difficult times, a mutual support, also economical, and also on human rights, and to let people travel and move around, and get experiences, and discover the countries.

And also for commerce, to protect products and producers, to make the market stronger also toward the big giants of China but also US … and the data protections not to be stolen by the first social network or worldwide platform.

I was in London between 2008 and 2012. I’ve worked and lived there. Still got my national insurance numbero NINO.

4 years of my life, travelling back and forward every 2 months roughly.

And now?

So proud of Sadiq Khan, London Major who said that London will remain “open”. But what about reality? Also to get there?

Then I think about Scotland who would love more than ever now their own indipendence, and being in EU.

And what about Northern Ireland toward the rest of the Republic of Ireland?

And the Royal Family? Does it still make sense to have them? I mean as royals? What will happen after the Queen’s departure?

Lots of questions. Now only time will give us answers about the effects of Brexit from the economy to civilians.

The import-export? People travelling? Visa? And checks at borders?

I am so sorry for all European people who live in UK and are now kind of trapped or blocked in a reality that will be tougher.

We will see consequences little by litte.

For now I am just sorry for them.

And we will see.


To you all

Take care and all the best


See you soon



PS here in the picture you can see the year. I was working managing the Nicolas Maida Vale wine shop. So many memories. Too many. Another life, another me, another time. But memories stay with us forever.



11 thoughts on “Brexit. The sadness of a departure

  1. A very saddening post. But I assure you that Great Britain will remain open, nobody will be prevented from holidaying here, me and my family will still holiday in Europe, I will still buy French wine, our family from Nepal will still visit us. But your mention of the Mayor of London sends shivers down many of our backs these days, when he tackles the massive escalation of knife crime those of us who don’t go anywhere near our great capital city these days might return.


    1. Sadiq Khan is doing a great job. I have seen the problems with youth with knives. Once I was saved by a stranger. I was in Abbey Road, near the famous Beatles… after closing my shop in Maida Vale, waiting for the bus… and these kids looking at me and my phone (nothing special, a Samsung) … So this man saw the situation and we started walking without turning. Then I got a cab after and went home safely. I thanked him the day after in my shop. The Nicolas Maida Vale wine shop. Now all changed. Just to tell you that yes living in London is scary for these knives owners that are mostly kids. And also I lost a colleague in the knife attack few years ago, a chef who was working at the Coq d’Argent restaurant where I was sommelier (my last 10 months in London, in the 4 years there). So it is so sad. I love Islam. Had Muslim boyfriends. And these crazy people know nothing about true religion. Terrorists have no religion and they are a shame for the planet. But as Sadiq Khan said, fear and hate and divisions will not win. London is and will remain open. I am worried for you all for the costs of life, medicines, and all products coming from abroad. And yes travelling but it will be more expensive. Anyway. All the best for all. Hope London will be soon back in EU. Or first I should say Scotland. I’ve been in Edinburgh and it is an amazing city and people … We will see. Then the issue about Northern Ireland. We forget the IRA and all the blood shed … We will see consequences of Brexit with time. Hope the best for all, but reality and economics speak clearly that prices will go higher, and economy will suffer. Who will invest in UK? Who will locate European offices there? No one. Being in Europe was a plus. Anyway. All the best


      1. The referendum vote was not about economics and …… every stupid economic prediction made since 2016 has been wrong. As for games, sovereignty is not a game either, not to us. But anyone who wants to give it up can go ahead.


      2. Mathematic does not lie. The rules of markets also. Inside Europe there is a protection of data and products also in terms of prices and markets against big giants like China or US. I think about our Parmigiano Reggiano and other products who people tried to copy and sell lower. We are protected inside EU and outside EU with rules … Being inside Europe is a safety also for internal markets import and export … It is facts. Not opinions. And the world is big to compete … Anyway all the best


      3. People lie in their incorrect use of data. There isn’t a maths formula known to man or woman that has ever accurately predicted market or economic change. Fact


      4. yes but reality is that being alone against all countries will not help to set agreements on prices and market products protection in import and export. So it is a reality that prices will rise, as it is a reality that now the Sterlin is not stronger than Euro as it was before. When I was working in London 2008-2012 converting my salary in Euros was not double but one third higher. Facts. Not predictions. Reality. Europe is a protection and a mutual help organisatizion. From funding projects to infrastractures. We’ve been helped from the hearthquake to the building of new trains … to lots of other projects. Alone economy is difficult to manage. And debts especially. We are one of the countries with higher debts, but we survive because of Europe. Anyway. All the best. And I am worried also very much about Northern Ireland, and let’s see Scontland. I would be happy for its indipendence.
        All the best


      5. Being alone against all countries? What on earth does that mean? Prices will fall when we have escaped the EU protectionist racket as we champion free trade all over the world. EU protectionism has increased poverty around the world. Another fact.


  2. Wrong. In Europe we are stronger, and as I wrote we receive financial help and economical funds from European Union to finance from Movies to Infrastractures. It is a fact. We use money from EU for everything. And our products are protected in the global markets against frodes and price changes. Europe is not a cage, but a union and a unity that makes us all strongers. I am sorry you will see what I mean. And as I said already the value of the sterlin against the euro is so low now. Let’s see your economy what miracles will do alone. All the best.
    Once a friend of mine told me 1+1 = 11
    And European union has given European countries 70 years of peace. Do not forget that. Second World War. Berlin wall fall …


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